TAU-HRMO receives PRIME-HR Bronze Award

The TAU’s Human Resource Management Office (HRMO) successfully earned the PRIME-HRM Bronze Award from the Civil Service Commission (CSC) last May 14, 2019 as conferred by the Director of the CSC Regional Office III, Dir. Nelson G. Sarmiento, and the Director of the CSC Tarlac Field Office, Dir. Maria Cristina R. Gonzales, at the Bamboo Training Center, Tarlac Agricultural University.

As per CSC Resolution No. 1801443, promulgated December 4, 2018, with Maturity Level II Accreditation, the TAU-HRMO has met Prime-HRM level II maturity indicators of all the core HR systems, practices and management and has been continuously compliant with service law imposed by the CSC based on the evaluation conducted by Commission and as per the recommendation of CSC Region 3 to the CSC Central Office.

 During the regional conferment, the University President, Dr. Max P. Guillermo, the three Vice Presidents, the members of the Administrative Council and also the staff of the Human Resource Management Office received the said recognition as well as affirmed their commitment to improve more their services toward achieving a higher level of PRIME-HRM such as Silver Award for the next coming years.

The said accreditation served as a platform to audit the quality of the services provided by the HRMO to all of it’s clientele.  The University President, gladly received the award and affirmed that the University’s HRMO will aim for excellence in all of its services. He added that upon envisioning the University as one of the top 500 agricultural universities in Asia, the University has to excel in all of its endeavors including the quality of services the HRMO provide to all the employees and clientele of the University.

Meanwhile, the three Vice Presidents Dr. Jeremias DC. Rodriguez, Dr. Ernesto A. Viray, Jr., and  Dr. Tessie E. Navarro, extended their congratulatory address to the HRMO staff and warmly expressed their gratitude to the Directors from the Civil Service Commission during the conferment of the said award. The privileges granted to TAU-HRMO upon receiving the said recognition were the following: 1) authority to approve appointment subject to post-audit; 2) 20% discount for the HRMO or agency representative on trainings/conferences conducted by the Civil Service Institute; 3) endorsement or recommendation for scholarship grant offered by other institutions; 4) nomination to civil service commission’s certification program for HRMO subject to the guidelines to be issued by the Commission; 5) exclusive membership to community of learners who shall have access to digital learning resources and other developmental opportunities subject to the guidelines to be issued by the Commission; 6) six announcements of agency’s programs, projects and bureaucracies through the CSC website; and 7) other benefits the Commission may approve in the future.

With the said recognition and privileges, Director Gonzales reiterated the TAU-HRMO’s responsibilities as a bronze awardee. Firstly, the TAU-HRMO shall maintain the status under level II and continue to improve its HRM systems to meet the indicators of the next higher level. Secondly, they must comply with the 2017 omnibus rules on Appointments and other Human Resource Actions and other Civil Service rules in the issuance of appointment and implementations of other HR actions. And lastly, they shall continue to partner with CSC in providing assistance to other agencies in the development or improvement of Human Resource systems. As per Director Gonzales, the official awarding of this HRM-Prime Bronze Award to TAU’s HRMO shall be held at Philippine International Convention Center (PICC) Pasay, Metro Manila in July 2019.