(Quality Assurance)

Assurance of quality and excellence instruction through the mechanism of accreditation, assessment and certification to meet global quality standards

(Physical Development)

Investment on physical development, infrastructures, learning delivery systems, and technology resources to ensure inclusive and responsible delivery of services to clients and stakeholders to meet desirable institutional outcomes to elicit a distinct corporate brand for TAU on agricultural education and development

(Student Support)

Mobilization of student support schemes to improve access to quality education through scholarships and other forms of financial assistance and other services in preparation to become productive members of the society

(Human Resource Development)

Heightening potentials and capability of the human workforce through staff development programs and functional institutional support for professional growth and intellectual exposure

(Good Governance)

Institutionalization of good governance mechanisms and systems-based solutions characterized by Transparency, Accountability and Unity in promoting a participatory, responsible and ethical leadership

(Extension and Community Service)

Galvanizing community involvement and providing technical assistance to the service areas

(Linkaging and Collaboration)

Harness the link between the university and its industry partners, government agencies, and alumni in generating additional resources, engagement in mutual development programs and in sustaining meaningful interaction


Enriching the institution’s international reputation and visibility thru expansion of partnerships leading to exceptional global opportunities for cross-border mobility, collaborative research and information sharing

(Research and Innovation)

Revitalizing strategies geared toward excellence in research and development