The visit highlighted the BAR-funded projects under the Agricultural Competitiveness Enhancement Fund (ACEF) R4D Grant in the university including the Sweet Potato Project, Off-Season Tomato Project, Free-Range Chicken, and the upgrading of the TAU Animal Health Lab. Also, TAU showcased the DOST sponsored projects including the SMART Agri Center and the Bamboo Crafting Center.

The key presenters discussed the projects’ updates and successes, as well as how these efforts offered farmers and other stakeholders a new source of revenue. Furthermore, director Soriano and the DA-BAR team made recommendations to improve the project's outputs to be more sustainable for the beneficiaries.

Project leaders who presented the projects on the said visit include Dr. Lilibeth Laranang (Sweet Potato, RRTC), Dr. Tessie Boncato (Off-Season Tomato), Dr. Lavina Gracia Manzano (Free-Range Chicken), Dr. Amy Lizbeth Rico (SMART Agri Center), and Engr. Mark Ferrer (Bamboo Crafting Center).

The DA-BAR team was warmly welcomed by Prof. Luningning Gullermo and Prof. Lorena Bermillo with the ComboMaxx band.

The three-day trip of the DA-BAR team was coordinated by the Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension, and Training (OVRET) headed by Dr. Ma. Asuncion G. Beltran.

Text by Nelmar Mallari

Photo courtesy of the Planning and Development Office