P2A culminates virtual mobility, plugs ASEAN tourism on Tiktok

Text by Mr. Jerome L. Duque

Poster by Mr. John Paul Q. Gordovin

To push for the recovery of the tourism sector and foster cross-cultural understanding among Southeast Asian youth, the Passage to ASEAN (P2A) recognized outstanding promotional concepts during the closing ceremony of the Virtual Mobility in Hospitality & Tourism 2022 on 14 April.

 Three BS Tourism Management students from Tarlac Agricultural University (TAU) and their respective teammates from 11 higher education institutions (HEIs) were recognized by the P2A steering committee for their creativity and innovation.

Maicel Joy M. Lime and her group mates were awarded with gold medals after showcasing Philippine festivals, Vietnamese heritage, Malaysian destinations, and Indonesian delicacies among others. “We want to highlight the unique Southeast Asian identity for the world to see,” Ms. Lime said. “For us, Southeast Asia is more than just white-sand beaches and exotic cuisines, it is also one of the most economically vibrant and peaceful regions,” she added.

Meanwhile, Anita M. Forcadalla worked with her colleagues in producing marketing content exhibiting the culture and history of Singapore, Cambodia, and Laos. Ms. Forcadalla’s group also highlighted relatively unfamiliar natural wonders such as Bolaven Plateau, a region near Laos’ eastern border with Vietnam. Dotted by picturesque waterfalls and covered with lush vegetation, Bolaven continues to draw Lao and foreign tourists alike. Furthermore, fellow College of Business and Management student, Leila Joy T. De Vera was able to cap silver after her group featured distinct culinary masterpieces from the region.

TAUinians Kathryn Ann L. Alitin, Bojo B. Arrojo, Shalimar P. Diwa, Kathlyn A. Laurzano,  Julia Benet A. Marquez, Karen P. Marquez, Joezel V. Menor, Jaylord R. Pablo, Glen Mark P. Rallustian, Jessa S. Tabilisma, Jonalyn J. Sumuba, and Rico James P. Vidad also collaborated with students from five Philippine HEIs and six Malaysian, Vietnamese, and Indonesian universities.

The two-week mobility program featured self-directed learning engagement and online discourses. It was organized by P2A, an organization seeking for greater integration among ASEAN HEIs.

Videos may be accessed by using the hashtags #P2A and #Learnontiktok or by visiting P2A’s official Tiktok channel.