Geared towards revamping operations of farmers’ organizations

TAU-CBM faculty research seizes Best Paper award in Indonesian symposium

By Mr. Jerome L. Duque (TAU-ELIA)

The paper “Attributes and Business Operations Performance of Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organizations (ARBOs) in Tarlac Province” by Dr. Erlie SD. Totaan took home the coveted Best Paper of Organizational Performance during the Fourth International Conference on Economics, Business, and Social Science (ICEBUSS) on February 1, 2022.

Dr. Totaan, an Associate Professor IV from Tarlac Agricultural University - College of Business and Management (TAU-CBM), presented a study that seeks to “help farmers gain skills, access inputs, form enterprises, process and market their products, more effectively to generate income” before a panel of experts from Southeast Asia and Russia.

The study identified the key factors affecting the management and recommended intervention strategies to boost the capacity of ARBOs. It covered 23 ARBOs from 11 local government units in Tarlac.

“It is my vision that through this research I would be able to lay the groundwork for the eventual  improvement of living conditions of farmers, especially for those whose farms are located within the priority areas of the Department of Agrarian Reform,” Dr. Totaan stressed.

In addition, Dr. Totaan shared that the result of her study may serve as a basis for the formulation of policies and guidelines of agencies which may implement similar programs.

ICEBUSS 2022 was organized by Universitas Islam Malang’s (UNISMA) Faculty of Economics and Business in coordination with Moscow City University, Khon Kaen University Business School, Graduate School of Entrepreneurship and Business Universiti Malaysia Kelantan, Prince of Songkla University, Prodi S1 Manajemen FE Universitas Negeri Jakarta, FEB Universitas Esa Unggul, and STIE YKPN Yogyakarta.

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