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Open Access

College of Agriculture & Forestry (CAF)

  1. Agriculture and Natural Resources Journal           
  2. Agriculture and Food Journal
  3. The Open Agriculture Journal     
  4. Agriculture Journal
  5. Agriculture
  6.   Agronomy
  7. Journal of Food Technology
  8. Foods
  9. Environmental Research Journal
  10. Forests
  11.  Horticulturae
  12. Research Journal of Agronomy
  13. Journal of Aquaculture Feed Science and Nutrition
  14.  Research Journal of Biological Sciences
  15. Journal of Fisheries International
  16.  Plants
  17.  Journal of Swine Health and Production
  18. Research Journal of Animal Sciences
  19.  Research Journal of Poultry Sciences 
  20.  Journal of Animal & Veterinary Advances          


College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)

  1.  Journal of Psychology and Psychotherapy           
  2. Journal of Addiction Research and Therapy           
  3. The Open Psychology Journal           
  4. International Journal of School and Cognitive Psychology
  5. Psych
  6. Social Sciences           
  7. Economies      
  8. Econometrics   
  9. Journal of Development and Communication Studies
  10.  International Journal of Communication 
  11. Journal of Mass Communication and Journalism


College of Business & Management (CBM)

  1. Business and Economics Journal           
  2. Economies: Journal of Development Economics and Macroeconomics          
  3. Economics
  4.  Journal of Risk and Financial Management        
  5. International Journal of Financial Studies           
  6.  International Journal of Economics and Management Sciences
  7.   Open Journal of Business and Management
  8.  International Journal of Entrepreneurship
  9. Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation


College of Education (COE)

  1. Education Resources Information Center        
  2. Education Sciences
  3. Mathematics    
  4.    Mathematical and Computational Applications
  5. Stats               
  6. International Journal of Early Childhood Special Education                     
  7. eJournal of Education Policy
  8. Journal of Research in Rural Education
  9.  International Journal of Education and the Arts
  10.  Child Care & Early Education Research Connections                  
  11.  Journal of Early Childhood Education Research
  12.  ERIC Database   


College of Veterinary Medicine

  1.  Journal of Animal & Veterinary Advances
  2. Animals
  3. The Open Veterinary Science Journal
  4. Onderstepoort Journal of Veterinary Research           
  5. Veterinary Research
  6. Veterinary Sciences Tomorrow
  7. Iranian Journal of Veterinary Research
  8. Journal of Swine Health and Production
  9. Research Journal of Animal Science
  10. Research Journal of Poultry Sciences
  11.  Veterinary Sciences
  12. Czech Journal of Animal Science (CJAS)
  13. The Open Veterinary Science Journal

College of Engineering and Technology

  1. UP College of Engineering Library
  2. Research in Agricultural Engineering           
  3. Journal of Information technology - Springer           
  4. Journal of Information Technology- Open access at Nature research           
  5.  International Journal of Systems Signal Control and Engineering Application
  6.  Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  7. Journal of Agricultural Engineering
  8. AgriEngineering            
  9. Research in Agricultural Engineering 
  10. ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information 
  11. Remote Sensing           
  12. Information      
  13. Informatics       
  14. Technologies
  15. Systems          
  16. Future Internet
  17. Computers       


General Knowledge

  1. Directory of Open Access Books           
  2. Best Philippine Short Stories           
  4. Southeast Asia Digital Library           
  5. Philippine Online Journals